Sinister (Film) Review

It appears that reviewing Horror films is going to be part of my so called blog as well, so I will embrace that by reviewing a new release that, again, me and my girlfriend went to see.

  (Sorry the picture is tiny. Best I could find)

I was sceptical going into this film, because (as you might just about to be able to read from that image) it was from the same producer as Paranormal Activity, a film series I think is unique. Unique as in it’s the only film series I know where nothing ever happens. Period. Ever. Three films so far. That’s almost five hours of nothing happening and somehow people still found it scary. The only way I got through the film was taking the pissing out of it mercilessly.

However, the producer also did Insidious which I reviewed early. It received a ‘meh’ rating from me. All in all, I wasn’t expecting anything great.

It didn’t start off well either. It began with the cliched scenario that a family wanted to start again so moved house. That idea is only less unique than humans needing oxygen, but okay, I’ll go with it.

Things went slightly better when it turned out that they had moved into a house where several murders had taken place (well, they happened in the backyard. That’s the guys argument) so that the main character could write a book about the deaths. The main character had such depth and complexity that I completely forgot his name.

Actually, I do remember. It was Ellison or something similar. I only remember now because at first I thought it was Alison.

Anyway, the guy finds an old fashioned film projector left in the loft by the previous residents. Instead of doing the smart thing and trying to return it to its previous owner he watches them and is shocked to discover that the films are the recordings of four family’s deaths.

That’s all the story I’ll give because I’m conscious that it’s a new film and don’t want to ruin it.

The film was actually quite scary. It was the type of film where Ellison would be walking down the corridor and you KNOW something is going to jump out or be creepy but you don’t know when. It’s not my favourite type of horror, but it does it’s job.

Ellison is an infuriating character as well. If I had just watched a family be killed on camera I would have told someone about it, like say, I don’t know, the police? But no. He just keeps watching them and trying to find out the killer etcetera and he keeps saying he’s a great father while completely ignoring his children.

And the twist at the end of the film…It was so blatantly obvious they might as well have just told you at the beginning of the film. It was very cliched, very obvious and very uninspiring.

However, the story itself is quite interesting. The videos of the family’s deaths are genuinely creepy and unnerving, so much so that every now and then I still get the tune that was played over one of them in my head, usually late at night when I’m trying to sleep typically. It’s been a long time since a horror film had that effect on me, so it has to take points for that.

The atmosphere took a fracture though when I realised that it was very unlikely anything bad would happen to Ellison (at least not till the end) so I never got a sense of danger. Sure, it was creepy and scary and if I was Ellison I would have been sat in a corner crying but I never felt like he was in any danger.

Overall, I enjoyed Sinister, as much as one can ‘enjoy’ a horror film anyway. It was different to the usual rubbish like Paranormal Activity and was much scarier than Insidious, however I am dreading the sequel (cause there WILL be one). I don’t think the ending of the film left it open to another one. It was all done and dusted and any attempt for a second film will undermine the feelings of the first.

8/10 Not unique enough for 9, too scary to be a 7. A nice little film to watch if you have an assignment to write and need to stay up all night.

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