Far Cry 3 Retrospective Review

Far Cry 3 Retrospective Review

So, recently the awesome guys over at Bagogames.com have given me the opportunity to do reviews on their site. I started with a fantastic game from last year that has featured in many peoples Top 5 of the year. If you’ve not bought Far Cry 3…why not?! No excuses! Check it out for an impartial, detailed review.

Let’s Play: Spelunky Part 3

Grant and Sammy continue to “play” Spelunky. Contains scenes of idiocy.

OneManAndHisBird are a British couple currently living in southern England. The two of them suck at video games really badly and have to constantly sabotage, kill and maim each other to feel superior. In game of course. And now, for your amusement, it’s broadcast all over the internet!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GShipcott

Music by the fantastic Kevin MacLeod – Brightly Fancy